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The Bukhari English School
was originated on the great idea that the education is the foundation upon which we build our future. We aim to assure 21st century learners to acquire the principles of modern learning process which may result in the substantial improvement in their skill and abilities. Since they have grappled with old system of learning that caused undesirable consequences in their minds and thoughts, we ensure them relief from such academic customs and conventions and have made the schooling a enjoyable practice. We create amazing opportunities for the academic excellence of our learners as we need vibrant and visionary individuals for the upcoming generations.

As the contours of knowledge are expanding and exploding in a manner that conventional disciplinary boundaries are fast becoming a hindrance in the pursuit of knowledge, we need to restructure the system framework of our schooling and make it dynamic to acknowledge a fluid and flexible structure of subject boundaries. We need to make the Holistic Development for each and every child enters in our campus using the tools of critical thinking and rational inquiry. We have determined to impart education for tomorrow to sharpen the learner’s ability to be a co-creator of knowledge rather than being just a lifeless beneficiary.

    About Us
  • The main objective of the institution is to provide quality public education. Now the School has KG to Plustwo classes. Bukhari English School is established in 1988 in the SA-ADA Nagar Kondotty.The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

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